Prioritize prevention to avoid intervention.

EVOCrh offers several prevention training programs that provide critical awareness, education, and tangible skills that help circumvent costly interventions. Whether you are a small start-up or an established conglomerate, EVOCrh’s comprehensive courses are scalable to your organization’s size and needs.

EVOCrh uses a proven conflict mediation practice to resolve disagreements efficiently and help your team grow more united. The process begins with confidential individual employee interviews to understand your company’s principles and strengths and identify places for improvement. The vital organizational diagnosis helps determine where the toxic climate originates and how best to resolve the situation. Once we have established a clear understanding of the obstacle’s scope, we provide comprehensive recommendations that create a more harmonious culture where employees feel connected, listened to, and respected no matter what challenges your company faces.

EVOCrh designs custom training programs to address unique challenges. Each program creates a positive office culture that strengthens interpersonal connections and circumvents costly conflicts.

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