Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflicts is a healthy part of running a successful business.

Every company faces internal conflicts, but successful ones focus on more than just eliminating the problem. They ensure obstacles do not waste time, energy, and productivity and ensure they create breakthroughs, deeper bonds, and strengthen leadership.

EVOCrh uses a proven conflict mediation practice to resolve disagreements efficiently and help your team grow more united. The process begins with confidential individual employee interviews to understand your company’s principles and strengths and identify places for improvement. The vital organizational diagnosis helps determine where the toxic climate originates and how best to resolve the situation. Once we have established a clear understanding of the obstacle’s scope, we provide comprehensive recommendations that create a more harmonious culture where employees feel connected, listened to, and respected no matter what challenges your company faces.

Regardless of your company’s challenges, EVOCrh will develop a strategy to untangle the conflict so your team is more unified and capable of circumventing future clashes.

Workplace Climate Evaluation and Organizational Diagnosis

Our Workplace Climate Evaluation process begins with confidential meetings and comprehensive surveys to quickly identify an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Once we have an in-depth understanding of the company’s climate, we provide inclusive solutions that eliminate stressful triggers and alleviate debilitating tension in the company.

Harassment and Civility Policy Development

We work directly with companies to create a Harassment and Civility Policy that stipulates proper work conduct and procedures that comply with the Québec Labor Standard Act. The Act respecting labor standards requires that all employers prioritize harassment prevention. If a situation arises, the company must take immediate and necessary steps to remove workplace harassment. Our goal is to develop policies that follow the province’s standards, so your employees work in a healthy environment free from psychological or sexual harassment.


Mediation is an effective process for settling complicated disputes that arise in a company. Facilitated by a third-party mediator, this effective process empowers a skilled and neutral implementer to actively listen to both parties to develop a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation is a proactive and lasting solution that helps cultivate a safe workplace environment by prioritizing empathy, listening, and meaningful communication. Mediation is effective for various conflicts, such as returning from an absence or a harassment complaint.

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