Training – Workplace Civility and Incivility

Civility and incivility at work are new issues that businesses are beginning to prioritize. Whether an employee refuses to say “hello” to a co-worker, someone sends an angry email, or a hallway discussion is fueled by judgment, these negative behaviors can damage a company’s healthy workplace culture. Statistics show many workers leave businesses after unresolved conflict or tension between coworkers, and the organization suffers from a deteriorating qualified workforce.

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About EVOCrh

EVOCrh offers intervention services to resolve conflicts before they cost your company time, money, and employees. EVOCrh offers prevention training to promote individual and organizational growth so that your business grows more resilient in the face of future challenges. We find amicable solutions for strategy, finances, management, and human relationship conflicts so your employees can return to working in a positive and friendly environment.

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